Top Tips on purchasing a carport or garaport

When it comes to selecting a storage solution for your property, it’s important that you get your choice right. Two of the more popular storage options for residential properties are carports and garaports. They are both versatile structures that have a multitude of uses, from vehicle storage to backyard workshops and even outdoor entertainment spaces. The endless available uses are why it’s essential to carefully consider what structure type will suit your needs best and enhance your backyard. There are also several key questions you should ask yourself before making a final decision, such as what exactly you are wanting to use your outdoor structure for and do you need just the coverage that a carport provides or do you need the secure storage and coverage you get from a garaport.

To help you answer these questions and more, below are our top tips for purchasing a carport or garaport to help you make the right decision for your needs.


Think about what you will use your carport or garaport for

When building a carport or garaport your first step should always be to think about what you will use it for. Are you going to primarily use it as a covered space to park your car, or will it be somewhere you can store all your bits and pieces that would normally clutter your backyard along with parking your car? Determining what you will use your structure for will help you narrow down your options and easily select the carport or garaport that will work for your needs. While thinking about your current needs, you should also consider your future needs. Your future needs are just as important as your current needs. You don’t want to decide on something only find that down the track, it doesn’t work for you, and you need something completely different. This doesn’t mean that you must know exactly what you need in the future but just general ideas, such as if you will need or want secure storage in addition to vehicle coverage.


Consider what you want to store

If you run out of space in the future, it can often be costly and difficult to extend your carport or garaport. A rule of thumb when building a carport or garaport is to go slightly bigger than the largest item you wish to store. This will help to ensure that you have plenty of storage space for everything you need to store. If you plan on building a carport or storing your vehicle in the carport section of a garaport, you should always measure your vehicle to ensure you provide adequate cover to keep it protected. This includes measuring it with the doors open to ensure there is enough space for them to open without hitting the posts. By taking proactive measurements and planning, you can avoid future inconveniences and issues, ensuring your carport or garaport provides a functional and accommodating space for your vehicle and other belongings.


Think about the position of your shed

The location of your carport or garaport on your property should always factor into your decision-making process. Where you choose to place the structure can have a direct impact on its design and orientation. A well-thought-out location not only affects the usability but also the accessibility of your carport or garaport. You wouldn’t want to build it and then find your access is restricted due to vegetation or existing structures on your property. Selecting the right spot, such as near fences or existing walls, can provide additional protection from the elements without needing a fully enclosed structure, allowing for airflow and natural light. Considering these aspects ensures that your carport or garaport complements your property and enhances its functionality.

Following our tips when you purchase your carport or garaport can help ensure that you are making the most out of your new outdoor structure and that it suits your current and future needs.