The Most Bang-for-Buck Optional Extras

There are many optional extras available to take your shed to the next level. Whether it’s to make it easy to get in and out of your shed, or prevent vermin and debris from entering your shed, there is something available to suit your needs.



Adding Vermaseal to your shed is a simple way to prevent unwanted pests, wind and rain from finding a way in..

Protection from these factors helps prevent corrosion, chewing, burrowing and water damage allowing your shed to last a lifetime.


  • Creates a tight seal around your shed
  • Fits all profiles of shed wall cladding with a slab
  • Prevents vermin from entering you shed
  • Stops wind and rain from coming up through the wall sheeting by creating a weather barrier
  • Creates an anti-corrosion barrier between the sheeting and concrete slab
  • UV & fire resistant
  • Installed at point of construction


Roller Door Motors

Roller doors are a great addition to any shed. Whether you’re storing a car, boat or machinery, they make accessing your shed easier. Roller doors are most commonly manually operated, which at times can become inconvenient. This is where adding a motor to your roller door can be a great benefit.


  • Turns a manual roller door into an automatic roller door
  • Adds more convenience
  • Removes the need for manual lifting
  • Decreases the risk of injury
  • Increases safety and security
  • Can be manually operated in case of a power outage



Gutter Guard

Adding Gutter Guards to the gutters on your shed is an easy way to help protect your shed from the damage that can be caused by nature. Gutter Guard prevents your gutters from filling with debris, lowering the risk of damage being caused to your shed by the weather, fire and vermin. Gutter Guard also helps reduce the number of times you need to clean your gutters as they do most of the work by preventing debris from building up in your gutters.


  • Helps to keep gutters free of leaves and vermin
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Prevents leaves and dirt from entering your water tanks
  • Prevents vermin from nesting in your gutters
  • Prevents blockages
  • Prevents rusting of your gutters
  • Prevents your gutters from overflowing


Adding any of these optional extras to your shed is a simple way to upgrade your shed to take it to the next level while ensuring everything inside stays protected and that you have easy access.


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