Premium+ Shed

Bailieston, VIC

Looking for a tree change on the weekends, a customer who had purchased land in Bailieston wanted to build a shed on their large property that would provide them with a versatile storage solution while taking advantage of their idyllic outlook. Wanting someone to take care of the whole shed building process for them, from the permit application to the construction of their shed, the customer contacted the All Sheds team to discover how we could help.

Before contacting the All Sheds team,  the customer had a rough idea of the shed they wanted and what they wanted to use the shed for but wanted the input of the All Sheds team to find the ideal solution. The customer spoke with the All Sheds to discuss their requirements and available options. After the All Sheds team visited the site and had further discussions with the customer, the customer decided that the shed that would best fit their needs was a 24m x 10m x 4m Colorbond Monument gable roof premium+ shed with 10° pitch with a 6m lean-to and glass sliding doors that would allow them to take advantage of the picturesque views. From extra entry and exit points, the customer also opted to include a manual roller door and 2 personal access doors, along with skylights for extra light and whirly birds for ventilation.

The completed shed has allowed the customer to take advantage of the unobstructed picturesque views, helping to create the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

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