Our range of commercial sheds covers everything from industrial sheds to machinery sheds, covered outdoor areas and airport hangars to suit all your large shed needs. Our commercial sheds have a durable all-steel construction that allows them to hold up better in the ever-changing Australian weather climate ensuring that your shed lasts for many years to come.

Our full range of commercial sheds can be custom designed to suit your exact specifications, ensuring that we have the perfect commercial shed for your needs.

Commercial Sheds

From pump sheds to large storage sheds, we have your every need covered with our fully customisable designs. 

Hay & Machinery Sheds

Hay and machinery sheds are a simple solution to keep your machinery and hay protected from the ever-changing weather.
Storing your hay in a hay shed reduces the combustibility of your hay by preventing it from getting damp, therefore reducing the risk of haystack fires.

Using a machinery shed to store your machinery can prevent rust and weather damage, helping to increase the lifespan of your machinery and reducing the need for replacement.

Each of our hay and machinery sheds are customisable to suit your requirements. We can cater to most shapes and sizes while ensuring that your hay and machinery remain protected and easy to access.

Covered Outdoor Areas

Covered outdoor areas are perfect for a wide range of uses, including schools and public spaces such as parks and open shopping spaces. The covers provide users of the area with protection from the elements, giving them a more enjoyable experience.

Adding a covered outdoor learning area to your school or education space can be a simple and effective way to engage students. 

Every outdoor space is different, which is why our range of covered outdoor areas are fully customisable to suit your requirements. Whether it’s to cover a basketball court or a sheltered eating area in a park, we can help you design a covered outdoor area that will provide the protection you need.

Aircraft Hangars

Keeping your aircraft safe is essential to ensuring your aircraft remains protected and flight ready. Storing your aircraft in a specifically designed hangar will help reduce the need for maintenance to be carried out by reducing the exposure to any harsh UV rays, hail or extreme wind that may cause damage. This will also help slow down the aging of your aircraft, allowing it to fly reliably for longer.

Our full range of airport hangars are fully customisable to suit your aircraft requirements. With every airport requiring your hangar to be suitable for a different wind rating, we can help you create an airport hangar that will suit the specific wind rating and stand the test of time.

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