How to Take Full Control of Your Outdoor Entertaining

Have you ever been entertaining friends or family outdoors and the weather suddenly changes from pleasant to unpleasant, so you’ve had to move indoors? If this has happened to you before, you know exactly how inconvenient it is. By the time you pack everything up and relocate it indoors, the atmosphere and vibe you were creating are gone, and it just doesn’t feel the same. That’s not to say entertaining indoors isn’t great, but there’s just something special about entertaining outdoors in the fresh air. While there’s no miracle switch that lets you pick the perfect weather, you can take back some of the control with a sunroof patio. You might be wondering how a simple patio can help you have some control of the weather, well it is a patio after all, but a sunroof patio can do all that and more. Keep reading to discover how you can benefit from a sunroof patio.



Stratco Outback Sunroof patios come in 2 options, manual and electric. While the 2 options don’t make the sunroof operate any differently, they offer a different way for you to operate the sunroof. The manual option allows you to move the blades with a hand crank into your desired position, while the electric option allows you to move the blades with either a remote or a phone app, meaning you don’t have to get up to adjust the blades. However, you do have to be mindful of placement with an electric sunroof as they will need to be attached to an electricity supply to operate, which can limit your available placement locations.


When entertaining outdoors 2 things that can instantly turn a great experience into a bad one, are the weather and the sun. While we don’t have physical control over these things, a Stratco Outback Sunroof patio helps you gain back a little control, at least for your outdoor entertaining space. Sunroof patios feature aluminium blades that rotate in 4 positions to provide your space with different levels of coverage. You have the option of having your blades completely closed to keep out any sun, rain or falling debris, open to protect from the rain but also provide ventilation, open to allow the sun to shine through with ventilation and open to protect from the sun with ventilation. The 4 different positions allow you to remove a little bit of the unpredictability that the weather has and adjust your space to the conditions, rather than allowing the weather to take full control.

The built-in weather strip on the blades helps provide a tight seal when they are closed so there’s no rain leakage that can ruin your outdoor experience. When completely closed the blades create a ceiling-like interlocking profile that ensures nothing falls through.

If you do happen to have the blades open and the weather changes from sun to rain, electric models feature a rain sensor that will automatically close the blades and keep you protected from the rain without even having to lift a finger.

The aluminium blades feature whisper-quiet performance, which means that there are no noisy distractions that can interrupt your outdoor entertaining if you do have to adjust the blades.

If you enjoy being outdoors at night, you can add lights to the blades of the sunroof to increase light in the space while adding functionality and enhancing your night-time outdoor entertaining.


All in all, you can say that a sunroof patio is in a way just like a regular patio, but with an extra advantage that allows you to further enhance your outdoor space and create the perfect ambience, whether you’re entertaining or just relaxing.

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