How To Level Up Your Outdoor Entertaining

Being able to entertain in the outdoors shouldn’t be something that is confided to when the weather is perfect and the sun is providing the right amount of light. With outdoor entertaining spaces often being an extension of our homes, helping to bring the indoors outdoors, just like any other room in your, home you should be able to use it how you want it when you want it regardless of what the weather or the lighting is doing. When most people build their outdoor entertaining space, they typically think of the big picture, the structure itself, flooring, large items they want to place in the space and what they plan on using the space for, but often neglect the small things that can help elevate the space and increase its usability.

As a Stratco Authorised Dealer, we can not only help you build the perfect outdoor entertainment space but can also help you with all those extra accessories that can help increase the usability of your space, allowing you to use it at any time of day, come rain, hail, or shine.

Keep reading below to discover our most popular accessories that will take your outdoor entertaining to the next level.




The Stratco Ambient Outdoor Blinds have been specifically designed for outdoor entertaining areas such as patios with their tear resistant fabric that is both mould and mildew resistant. These blinds seamlessly integrate into the design of your Stratco Patio while providing protection that will help enhance your outdoor lifestyle. By adding blinds to your patio, you can ensure that you remain protected from the rain, sunlight/UV rays, dust, wind and even birds and insects, all of which can turn an enjoyable outdoor experience into one that isn’t as enjoyable. Aside from protecting your outdoor entertaining space, blinds can also increase the privacy of the space. Whether you have nosey neighbours or your patio faces the street or a public outdoor space, blinds can help turn this usually open, fully visible space into a more private, secluded space that still allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the prying eyes. The amount of privacy that the blinds provide is dependent on the tightness of the fabric you choose. The tighter the fabric, the more privacy you get but, your visibility is reduced, the looser the fabric, the more visibility you have but, your privacy is reduced. By using blinds to create a private and protected outdoor space, you can increase the usability and versatility of your space, which will allow you to use your outdoor entertaining space whenever you like no matter what the weather conditions are.



Outdoor entertaining when the lighting isn’t great doesn’t help you create the right atmosphere and can make it harder to move around your space, as poor lighting can impair your vision. Outdoor lighting isn’t something that’s new. People have used it for many years to light up their backyards or for security purposes, but besides those two examples, lights can help enhance your patio and increase its usability. Adding lights to your patio, whether attached to the beams or integrated into the ceiling (available on our Cooldek Patios), can provide sufficient lighting for entertaining outdoors at night or when lighting is poor, increasing the usability and enhancing the functionality of your space. The lights will also allow you to showcase your patio to your guests because who wouldn’t want to show off a great looking space? They will also help to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls as the light will increase visibility at night and in poorly lit conditions. As a bonus, most lights available for your patio are LEDs, which means there is no need to constantly change the bulbs when they blow, plus they are energy efficient, so they won’t have much of an impact on your power bill.



A hot Australian summer is nothing new, and with the amount of time Australians spend entertaining in the outdoors when it does push those extreme temperatures, it doesn’t make for a comfortable outdoor experience. Indoors we have the luxury of air conditioners that cool us down in an instant, but they just don’t work in outdoor spaces and will just increase your power bill rather than help keep your cool. This is where an outdoor fan is your best friend. While they don’t provide the crisp, cool air that you get from an air conditioner, outdoor fans help circulate air around your patio creating more of a pleasant breeze-like feel that will help to keep you cool. Outdoor fans have also been specifically designed for use outdoors, which increases their durability and allows them to withstand the dust that accumulates and any water that gets on them from the rain or morning dew. While the primary use of outdoor fans is to keep your outdoor entertainment space cool on a hot day, they are also great at keeping away those pesky bugs and insects due to the air circulation. Another bonus is they are quiet, so when the fan is running, it won’t interrupt your conversations. Many outdoor fans also include a light which, as mentioned earlier, also helps to enhance your outdoor entertaining, so opting for a fan that, includes a light will only further enhance your outdoor patio.

If you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor entertaining space that will allow you to entertain all year round, the team at All Sheds is here to help. As a Stratco Authorised Dealer, we can help you build the perfect patio that will transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor entertaining space. To view our full range of Stratco Patios and Pergola’s visit, https://www.allsheds.au/residential/stratco/ or alternatively contact our friendly team today and discover how we can help you enhance your outdoor entertaining.