Why Choose an RHS Frame

RHS, also known as Rectangular Hollow Section, is our most popular frame options available for your shed. RHS is constructed of structural galvanised steel, making RHS frames an extremely tough and durable frame option for your shed.

RHS Frame Features

Compared with other popular shed frame options, such as C-Section frames, RHS frames are thicker and can withstand heavier loads and stresses. The tubular design of the beams creates a clean finish and gives the frame extra strength that makes your shed frame more durable and able to withstand weather conditions better, allowing your shed to last longer with fewer repairs.

Due to the increased durability of the beams, RHS frames allow for larger spans over the less expensive alternatives, allowing you to build a bigger and wider shed that gives you more working and storage space. Because of the increased durability of the frames, using RHS as the frame type for your shed can allow you to hang items and equipment from the frame beams, such as hoists, which enables you to utilise the vertical space in your shed. However, it is best to check the weight limits of your frame first to ensure you do not cause any damage.

The smooth construction of the beams also helps ensure that there are no sharp corners for anyone to injure themselves on and creates a sleek structural look inside your shed. When each beam is joined correctly, it helps to keep moisture and water from entering the hollow middle sections of the beams, preventing corrosion from occurring and weakening your frame, thus allowing your shed to stand the test of time.
Whether you are building a backyard shed, garage or industrial shed, using an RHS frame is always a great option to increase the durability of your shed.

Don’t Base Your Frame Choice Solely on Price

No matter what type of shed you are building, the frame you select is one of the most important components. Choosing the wrong frame type for your shed can impact the structural integrity making it more susceptible to the elements and possibly causing long-lasting damage to your shed that will result in many repairs. While a lower price from another shed builder may be attractive, this could mean they are using a weaker frame that may not be the best selection for your needs.

At All Sheds we give you the choice of frame type. We understand that while RHS frames are superior to some alternative frame types, they don’t always fit into everyone’s budget. By working with our knowledgeable team, we can help you determine the most suitable frame type for your current and future shed needs and budget.

If you’re looking to build a shed with a sturdy RHS frame, both our Premium and Premium+ frames feature RHS frames to help create a high-quality shed with superior strength.