Violet Town Football Netball Club, VIC

The Violet Town Football Netball Club were looking at installing seating around their newly upgraded netball courts supplied by SeatsPlus. To go with seating, they were wanting to build a couple of shelters to go over the seating that would keep their spectators protected in the winter. The Football Netball Club contacted All Sheds for assistance in designing the perfect shelter to go with the seating.

All Sheds and the Football Netball Club discussed exactly what they were wanting to go with their seating, and it was decided that the best solution for their shelter would be 2 x 16m x 2m x 2.65m Premium+ shed. This meant that they could place a shelter on either side of the court and they would provide plenty of coverage over the seating from the winter elements while also providing plenty of standing room.

The new custom shelters fit in perfectly with the seating and are providing plenty of shelter for the spectators. Come winter it will be the place to be to watch all the action on the netball court.

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