Stratco Outdoor Structures

Alexandra, VIC

A customer in Alexandra was looking to expand the covered outdoor space they had around the back and side of their house to create a storage space for their caravan, along with a covered outdoor entertainment space. For help designing the ideal solution for their needs, the customer contacted the All Sheds team for assistance in creating a structure that would perfectly fit their space.


To get a better understanding of the customer’s needs, a member of the All Sheds team visited the customer’s property to view the space. After reviewing the space and speaking with the customer, the team determined that one structure would not be able to cover the area that the customer was intending to and that the best solution would be to build 4 separate structures. One structure would be built around the back of the house to create the outdoor entertainment space, while the other three structures would be combined to perfectly fill the space around the side of the house. These four structures included a 3.77m x 1.68m flat roof structure, a 10.1m x 5.8m gable roof structure and a 13m x 4.7m gable roof structure around the side of the house along with a 12.9m x 4m gable roof structure around the back of the house which also includes an outback ceiling fan with 3 lights. The customer opted to clad each of the structures in desert, merino and alpine with slate grey roofs. 


The extension of the customer’s covered outdoor space has provided them with an ideal place to store their caravan to keep it protected, along with the perfect outdoor space that will allow them to entertain all year round.

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