Stratco Outback Flatroof

Shepparton, VIC

The All Sheds team were contacted by a customer in Shepparton who was building a new pool area in their backyard. As part of this new area, the customer wanted to add a structure at the end of their pool that would allow them to keep their spa protected from the weather. They were looking for the help of the All Sheds team to design a structure that would perfectly suit the space and match the existing structures and fences.

To help the customer find the right solution for their space, a member of the All Sheds team visited the customer’s site to gain a better understanding of their requirements. After visiting the site and multiple discussions with the customer, they decided the solution that would best suit the space was a 4.9m x 4m flat roof freestanding Stratco Outback. Before making their final decision the customer compared all their available options to ensure that the structure they chose would be suitable for the space and last a lifetime. Ultimately the customer chose the Stratco Outback over the options due to the superior finish, as it would suit their space perfectly and help them create a well round space. To match their existing structures and fence, the customer opted to clad their Stratco Outback in Slate Grey, Desert and Deep Space to create a seamless look throughout their property.

The new Stratco Outback has provided the customer with the perfect covered space for their spa. The extra coverage added over the spa will allow them to use the spa and the adjacent space, no matter the weather.

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