Stratco Outback Cooldek Pavillion and Patio

Bright, VIC

Our team were approached by a customer in Bright who was completing upgrades to their backyard and as part of their upgrades, they wanted to add a couple of outdoor structures to provide shade and extra weather protection in the open space.


After the initial contact with the customer, the All Sheds team spoke further with the customer to discuss their exact needs and requirements for the structures to ensure they would provide them with the best solutions. After the discussions with the customer, it was determined that the best solutions for their structures would be a 16.71m x 4m x 2.59m flat roof Stratco Cooldek Patio around the back of their house and a 6m x 4m x 2.4m Stratco Cooldek freestanding flat roof pavilion that would provide a covered space for their spa as part of their new pool area. They opted to clad both structures in Slate Grey and Off White to create a consistent look and also chose to include ceiling fans and LED lights on both structures for extra airflow and light.


The addition of the 2 new structures to the customer’s backyard has allowed the customer to create the backyard space they wanted and make the open space more useable no matter what the weather.

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