Stratco Outback Cooldeck Patio

Waldara, VIC

A customer in Waldara contacted All Sheds as they had recently built a new house and had an area that they wanted to turn into an outdoor entertaining space.

The All Sheds team then discussed the requirements of the space with the customer to get a better understanding of what the customer was after. After the discussions, it was then decided that the best solution for the space was a 6.5m x 5m x 3.5m Flat Roof Outback Cooldeck Patio. This would allow the customer to completely cover the area, making the space useable all year round. The customer decided to cladded the patio in Gull Grey to match the exterior of the house and add natural wood posts as a feature.

The new patio has provided the customer with the perfect outdoor entertainment space. The patio protects from the weather allowing the space to be used at any time of year.

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