Stratco Flat Roof Verandah

Broadford, VIC

Having just built a new house, a customer in Broadford wanted to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space that would allow them to entertain all year round. Wanting to discover their available options, the customer contacted the All Sheds team to discover how we could help them create the perfect space.


Knowing the exact dimensions of the area they wanted to build their outdoor entertainment space, the customer spoke with the team to discuss how they wanted their structure to look. They wanted a structure that would wrap around the back of their house and provide them with lots of covered space while fitting in seamlessly with their house. The customer explained their wants and needs to the All Sheds team to help narrow down their options and ultimately decided that the best option for their needs would be to combine 2 structures to make one 11.7m x 6.8m x 2.7m Flat Roof Outback Deck Verandah. To have the structure fit in seamlessly with their house the customer chose to clad their Verandah in Deep Space and Ebony with a Gun Metal Grey topside roof that matches the existing house roof and Alpine on the underside. To allow extra light to filter through, the customer also opted to include skylights.


The verandah has allowed the customer to create the perfect outdoor space that will allow them to entertain all year round. Once the verandah was complete, they decided to add decking, which has helped them take their outdoor entertaining space to the next level.

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