Stratco Flat Roof Sanctuary Patio

Mooroopna, VIC

The All Sheds team was contacted by a customer in Mooroopna who had a pool area that lacked shade. They wanted to add a structure to the space that would provide them with a shaded area where they could sit when not using the pool.

The customer had somewhat of an idea of what they wanted and decided to contact the All Sheds team to see how we could help. The customer discussed their needs with our team and decided that the best solution for their pool area would be a 5m x 2m x 2.4m Stratco Flat Roof Sanctuary Patio with Prodeck roofing. The customer chose to clad their patio in Alpine and Deep Space as they closely matched the colour of their existing pool fence.

The addition of the patio to the pool area has provided the customer with the perfect shaded space that will allow them to relax by the poolside and stay protected from the sun.

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