Stratco Flat Roof Pergola

Churchill, VIC

As part of the All Sheds team’s work with the local housing developer, the team worked with the developer to find the right carport solution for 2 units the housing developer was building in Churchill as part of their second project. The housing developer needed the new carports to be similar to the carports built in the first project as the units would be similar.


The All Sheds team sat down with the housing developer to discuss their requirements for the second project. After the discussions, they decided that the best solutions for the units in this second project would be 6m x 3.5m Stratco Flat Roof Pergolas. To match the colours of the units, the housing developer decided to clad each pergola in different colours that would suit each unit. They chose the first to be cladded in Thunder, Merino, Amour Grey and Alpine as they would match the dark colours of the unit and the second to be cladded in Desert and Merino to suit the light colours of the unit.


Just like the first project, the pergolas in this second project have provided the occupants with the perfect place to keep their vehicles protected from the weather.

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