Stratco Flat Roof Cooldek Patio

Nagambie, VIC

Completing upgrades to their backyard, which included adding a spa, a customer in Nagambie contacted the All Sheds team as they wanted to expand the covered outdoor space in their backyard. The customer wanted to see what their available options were and how the All Sheds team could help them create the perfect space for their needs.

After the initial contact between the All Sheds team and the customer, the All Sheds team visited the customer’s site to view the space and discuss the customer’s requirements. After completing the site visit, with the customer’s requirements in mind, the All Sheds team completed a design and quotation for the customer that met their requirements. The customer reviewed the quote that the All Sheds team before they eventually decided that it was the best solution for their needs. The structure that the customer ultimately went with was a 4.6m x 4.53m x 2.56m Stratco Flat Roof Cooldek Patio that would fit neatly into an external corner of their house, creating the perfect cover space for their new spa. To make space usable all year round at any time of day, the customer chose it add 4 downlights to add light to the space at night or on dark days along with an Outback strip heater and fan to keep the space warm on cold days and cool on hot days.

Now that the patio is installed it has provided the perfect for the customer to relax in their spa after a long day. The patio will ensure that anyone who uses the spa stays protected and comfortable.

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