Stratco Combination Patio

Benalla, VIC

Wanting to use their backyard more and not only be able to use it when the weather was perfect, a customer in Benalla contacted the All Sheds team to see if we could help them build a patio that would allow them to spend time in their backyard all year long no matter what the weather brings.


What the customer was envisioning for their patio wasn’t exactly your straightforward, normal patio, so they made sure to clearly explain their needs to the team. As the customer wanted a patio that covered the whole back of the house as well as a small section on the side of their house that would create a covered walkway from their garage to the backyard, the All Sheds team also conducted a site visit so they could accurately measure the space.

After the site visit and speaking with the customer, the team completed the quote for the customer. However, when the team submitted the permit application to the council, the patio size that the customer wanted did not meet the council requirements, so the customer had to reduce the size. To meet the council requirements, the customer ended up going with a 15.26m/7.32m x 2.29m/2.59m x 2.6m Stratco combination Cooldek flat and gable wrap around patio. The size patio the customer ended up with ensured they met all the council requirements. The customer opted to clad their patio in Gun Metal Grey and Thunder and also chose to include 12 x 5W downlights that help to make the patio space more visible in low-light situations, along with an Outback fan that will help keep the space cool on hot days as well as keeping those pesky insects away.


The customer’s patio has given them the perfect space to spend time in their backyard no matter what the weather brings while ensuring they stay protected.

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