Coomboona, VIC

A customer in Coomboona was referred to the All Sheds team as they needed to expand the covered storage on their property. As a busy business owner, the customer wanted a team that could get the job done at a high standard without them having to worry about the process. The customer had been told about All Sheds Start-To-Finish service and decided it was the perfect solution for them to achieve the high standard shed they were after without all the worry that can come with it.

The customer discussed their needs with the All Sheds team and decided that the best solution for their shed would be a 24m x 12m x 4m gable roof premium+ shed with a 7.5° pitch. To ensure that the shed had easy vehicle access, the customer chose to include 2 chain-operated roller doors. They also included a personal access door and decided to clad the shed in Colorbond Monument.

The addition of the shed to the customer’s property has provided the customer with the extra storage space they were after. They now have plenty of room to securely store any vehicles or other items that need secured covered storage. Taking advantage of All Sheds Start-To-Finish service, the customer had a stress-free shed building experience.

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