PREMIUM Carport & Shed

Kialla, VIC

A customer in Kialla was building a new house and wanted to add an outdoor storage space and a carport to their property to complete their new build. They contacted the All Sheds team for assistance finding solutions for both structures that would complement their new house.

The customer visited the All Sheds team to discuss the options that would suit their requirements and ensure what they selected would create the complementary look they wanted. After reviewing many different styles and options for their shed and carport the customer decided that the best solution for the carport was a 14m x 4m x 3.2m skillion roof premium carport with a 15° roof pitch. For the shed the best solution was a 6m x 5.5m x 2.7m- 3.67m skillion roof premium shed with a 10° roof pitch that also includes a 3m x 3m x. 2.4m-2.7m leanto with an open front. The shed also includes a personal access door for entry/exit and a window for ventilation. The customer decided to clad both the shed and the carport in Colorbond Basalt as it would match the house colours, helping create the complementary look they wanted.

Both the carport and the shed have suited the customers needs perfectly and has provided them with all the storage space they wanted while helping to tie the whole property together.

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