PREMIUM American Barn

Katandra West, VIC

The All Sheds team were contacted by a customer in Katandra West who wanted to build a large shed on their property for storage. Wanting to discover their available options, the customer contacted the All Sheds team to find out how we would help.

The customer spoke with the All Sheds team to discuss their requirements for the shed to help narrow down their available options. The customer was looking for something that would provide them with a large amount of storage space and provide enough height to be able to store tall items. After discussions with the All Sheds team and reviewing their available options, the customer opted for a 20m x 10.1m x 2.7m Premium American Barn with a 12.5° pitch roof cladded in Colorbond Paperbark. For easy access to the shed, the customer opted to include an automatic roller door along with 4 personal access doors. To ensure the shed has plenty of light the customer chose to include 5 windows along with an apex window on the front of the shed. Taking advantage of the water collection properties of the shed the customer also opted to include 2 water tanks that will help them collect rain to reuse around their property.

The new barn shed has provided the customer with the ideal storage space for their property. It has provided them with enough space to store a variety of items, keeping them safe and secure.

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