Nathalia, VIC

All Sheds had a customer contact them as they were looking to build a new storage space to be able to store their caravan as well and to be used as a general garage/storage space.

After discussing the requirements and reviewing the space it was decided that the best solution for the garage was a 15m x 6m x 3.6m premium garage with internal sliding doors that allowed for maximum height clearance for the caravan. This resulted in 2 spaces within the garage a completely covered space and a partially uncovered space for the caravan to be stored with ease. Having one end open means that the caravan can be easily back in for storage while still allowing it to be completely protected from the elements. The completely covered space has allowed for that extra general storage that will keep all items inside safe.

The garage has provided the customer with the perfect storage space for their caravan to protect it from all the elements and provide year-round storage.

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