Caniambo, VIC

All Sheds were contacted by a customer in Caniambo who needed a large shed for their rural property. They wanted the shed to be large enough to store all their farm machinery and equipment to keep each item protected from the weather. 

To discover their available shed options, the customer contacted the All Sheds team to discuss our shed options. After speaking with the All Sheds team and discussing their requirements for their shed, the customer decided that the best solution for their shed would be a 48m x 12m x 4.8m gable roof premium shed with a 12.5° roof pitch. To provide ease of access to their stored machinery and equipment, the customer opted to include 3 windlock roller doors, 4 sliding doors and 3 personal access doors along with 3 windows and 4 whirlybirds for ventilation.

The completion of the new shed has provided the customer with the exact storage space they wanted for the farm machinery and equipment, ensuring it all remains protected from the weather.

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