Waranga Shores, VIC

All Sheds were contacted by a customer in Waranga Shores as they were needing agricultural storage on their farm and were wanting help from the team to find the best solution.

After speaking with the customer and discussing their needs it was decided that a 20m x 10m x 4m Gable Roof Premium Farm Shed with a 22° pitch roof. The front of the shed includes a LeanTo on both the left and the right measuring 20m x 3m x 2.57m with a 10° roof pitch. Inside the shed, there are 5 rooms each with a PA door to provide ample storage space. There is also 10 1274 x 790 windows and a 584 x 790 window to let in lots of natural light. 4 large sliding doors allow for entry to the shed and 2 whirlybird roof ventilators allow for plenty of ventilation. The shed is cladded in Colourbond in the colour Ironstone with paperbark gutters.

The shed has provided the customer with plenty of storage for all their agricultural needs. The shed also allows for everything to remain protected from the elements.

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