Kialla, VIC

A customer in Kialla contacted the All Sheds team as they had just built a new house and wanted to add a shed to their backyard to provide them with a secure space to store all their outdoor tools and equipment. They wanted the help of the All Sheds team to find a solution that would suit their backyard perfectly.

After discussing their needs and available options with the team, the customer decided that the best solution for their storage needs was a 10m x 6m x 4m gable roof economy shed with a chain roller door and personal access for entry and exit. To match the colours of their house, the customer opted to clad their shed in Colorbond Woodland Grey, helping to create a more cohesive look on their property.

The completed shed has provided the customer with the perfect place to store all their outdoor tools and equipment, ensuring they are always safe and secure.

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