Custom Gable Roof Shed

Strathmerton, VIC

In search of a spacious and secure storage solution for their farm in Strathmerton, a customer reached out to All Sheds for help in identifying the ideal option. Their objective was to find a solution that would offer ample secure storage capacity to safeguard all their tools and equipment while harmonizing seamlessly with their property.


During the discussion with the team, the customer outlined their shed requirements, ensuring that the team fully grasped their needs. Following this consultation, the customer determined that the optimal solution for their new shed would be a custom gable roof shed measuring 16m x 10m x 4m with a 10° pitch. In order to facilitate easy access for their tools and equipment, the customer selected two automatic roller doors and a personal access door. They also incorporated a window and skylights for natural light, along with two whirlybirds for ventilation. To seamlessly integrate the shed into its surroundings, the customer decided to clad it in Colorbond Woodland Grey and Windspray.


With the construction of the new shed complete, it has provided the customer with the extra shed they wanted and has ensured there is plenty of secure storage space for all their tools and equipment.

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