Carport & Garden Shed

With an open space between their garage and the neighbour’s fence and not enough storage space for their outdoor tools and equipment, a customer in Mooroopna reached out to the All Sheds team to see how we could help them build the perfect structures for their needs.

The customer wasn’t needing a large storage solution for the backyard as they were slightly limited on space, so they viewed our range of garden sheds for a smaller solution that would fit perfectly in their backyard while also providing plenty of storage space for their outdoor tools and equipment. On the other hand, for the space between their garage and the fence, they specifically wanted something that would cover the whole space and make it less vulnerable to the elements so they could store items like a trailer, boat, or extra vehicle there, ensuring it had protection for the weather. The customer explained all this to the All Sheds team to ensure they had a full understanding of their requirements for the structures. After speaking with the customer, the All Sheds team also visited the site to view and measure the space to ensure everything was exactly how the customer wanted it. Once this was complete, the customer decided that the structures that would best suit their needs would be a 3.89m x 3.12m x 1.8m gable roof garden shed with a double door and a t handle cladded in Ironstone would be perfect for their backyard storage, while a 6.4m x 4.3m x 3m gable roof carport attached to the dwelling with a 12.5° pitch roof cladded in Colorbond Monument with Deep Ocean downpipes would perfectly fill the space between the garage and the fence creating the coverage they were wanting. 

The carport and garden shed have provided the customer with the exact spaces they wanted, ensuring they have plenty of covered storage space on their property for their outdoor tools and equipment and much more.

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