Custom Gable Roof Shed

Tatura, VIC

The All Sheds team were contacted by a customer in Tatura who wanted to build a general purpose storage shed that would be large enough for them to store odd bits and pieces along with a couple of vehicles. They called the All Sheds team to discover how we could assist. 
While on the phone with the All Sheds team, the customer explained what they wanted for their shed in detail to ensure the team could design a shed that would meet their needs.
After the initial phone call, the All Sheds team visited the customer’s site so they could get a better understanding of the customer’s needs and visualise the space where the customer wanted to build their new shed.
Following the phone call and the site visit, the shed that the customer thought would be perfect for their needs was a 9.1m x 9.1m x 3.1m gable roof shed with an 8° pitch that also includes a personal access door and a motorised roller door for entry and exit and 2 sliding windows and 2 whirly birds for ventilation. Wanting more subtle colours that would blend in rather than stand out too much the customer chose to clad their shed in Colorbond Shale Grey, Monument and Windspray.
The new shed has provided the customer with the perfect storage space to increase their outside storage without taking up too much of their backyard. 
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