Economy Shed

Carlsruhe, VIC

Located on a large rural property in Carlsruhe, this customer wanted to expand their secure storage on their property so they could have a secure space to store their outdoor equipment and tinker on it when needed. Looking for someone who could help them with every step of the shed building process, they contacted All Sheds to discover how we could help.


Speaking with the All Sheds team, the customer discovered that we could help them with the complete shed building process from start-to-finish. This includes everything from the initial consultation to the drafting permits, fabrication, and construction of a shed. After discovering this, the customer explained their needs to the All Sheds team before ultimately deciding that a 16m x 6m x 3.5m gable roof economy shed with a 12.5° pitch would be the best solution for their storage requirements. To help take their shed to the next level, the customer opted to include 2 manual roller doors, a window, a personal access door and 2 skylights. They also chose to clad their shed in Colorbond Woodland Grey to help blend in with the natural environment.


The new shed on the customer’s property has allowed them to successfully expand their secure storage, ensuring that all their outdoor equipment is safe from anything that could cause damage. Taking advantage of the All Sheds start-to-finish service, the customer also had a stress-free shed building process, which made it a much more enjoyable experience for them.

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